Back To School Special

The Three “R’s”

(They ain’t Reading, Writing and Arithmetic!)

In the year 1825 Sir William Curtis, a longstanding Member of Parliament of the City of London, made a toast at the local Board of Education dinner. He listed the educational achievements to date and highlighted the challenges. Within his remarks he coined a phrase that would be repeated thousands of times in educational institutions all over the world. He said: “We must build our educational system around the three essential R’s of education: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic”.

Sir William’s phrase stood as the paradigm of successful education for close to 200 years.

Until today!

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The World Was Created For Me

Parenting Proverb #1

Moms and Dads:

Holidays are a time to build our families. They provide an opportunity to invest in our most cherished asset, our children. With that in mind, today we begin a new series that will run on each of the holidays called: Parenting Proverbs. Parenting Proverbs are learning vignettes to be read to, and discussed with, our children. They will be introduced with a short description to guide the parent. Enjoy!

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