About Learn Live Excel

 Learn Live Excel is a weekly column with a broad message, based in Torah, with inspiring and substantive content about life skills and character building, written by Ricky Cohen.

With  Learn Live Excel , Ricky Cohen has the unique talent of providing modern insights using ancient wisdom. Each Learn Live Excel message has an actionable take away that says “Here’s what I can do.” Everyone from the beginner to the most educated or observant benefits from  Learn Live Excel messages.

From love to career and from parenting to dealing with world hunger, Ricky writes from the heart. In Learn Live Excel, the Talmud meets the Wall Street Journal and Maimonides meet Oprah.

Using real life experiences, Ricky motivates readers by delivering a powerful message that is always surprising, always inspiring, and always has a practical action the reader can take away.

Ricky Cohen is an inspiring author, vibrant leader and motivating public speaker with an amazing record of accomplishment, both professionally and personally. His creative and philosophical insights about the complexities of life and challenging issues help his audiences understand complex issues.

Ricky Cohen’s delivers a dynamic message in Learn Live Excel. It’s Torah unlike anything you have seen in the past!


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