About Ricky & Me

What is RickyandMe.org

I never climbed Mount Everest

I haven’t fought in any wars, nor have I been through a horrific divorce

My parents were spectacular people – loving and committed – each a leader and a giant

I was never abused or ignored by a parent or anyone else for that matter

And I grew up happy and comfortable in one of the greatest cities in the world: New York City.

I’m not a talking head nor do I have any interest in doing the speaking circuit in hotels and conference centers around the country.

I’m a businessman and an educator.

I know how to build companies and I know how to build people.

 I know how to take risks and achieve unparalleled successes

And I know how to deal with failure – that may be many times greater than the success.

I know how to give love and how to joyfully receive the love that’s directed my way.

I’ve taught thousands of men and women, young and old, the skills to be successful in career, love and life. I‘ve stood with them to celebrate the successes and we’ve cried together when there was pain.

I am a student of ancient scholarship and modern discovery. I’m comfortable with a text of the Talmud or Kabbalah in front of me and I’m no less comfortable with the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times.

My passion is knowledge and the opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve acquired with others.

Please make no mistake: I’m not a man who gets lost in knowledge and ideas.

I believe any concept of value must be turned to action. A thought, a moral commitment or a theory mean little unless worked, tried and proven.

I love people more than anything else.

And my love for people grows – even as I see the bad and the evil among us.

I marvel at the uniqueness and greatness of each man and every woman. I’m not afraid to use the term “great” as it relates to my endowed abilities and the abilities of those around me.

Perhaps most important – I know how to listen. In fact, I love to listen.

Ricky & Me is not a website nor is it a blog…

Ricky & Me is a multimedia celebration of knowledge and human connectedness.

Based on content developed over 30 years that is culled from scholarship of the last 2,000 years, Ricky & Me will produce adult and children’s books, essays, a radio show and ultimately – a television show. All of which will deal with the real life issues of real people in real time.

 We will deal with life’s most serious challenges in a rigorous and honest way – demanding more out of life and forcing all that it promises to the surface.

Laugher and learning are essential partners!

We will have fun as we learn and grow. We will build relationships that will be the highlights of our lives; real relationships – based on courageously attained values that shout who we truly are.

So join us – for a day or for the long haul.

We promise you:

You may be challenged by Ricky & Me but you will never be disappointed.

At times you may be angry and disagree but you will always appreciate the thought and care that went into our position.

As you look back at any engagement you may have with Ricky & Me you will smile and feel thankful for the glorious things life provides when it is approached with a little bit of courage.

Warmest regards,



3 Responses to “About Ricky & Me”

  1. Boris Says:


    I was wondering if I can have a talk with Ricky.
    I am having a hard time getting over this girl I loved and dated.


  2. Boris Says:

    who else sees the posts?

    Can you please email me directly?

    I cant give my number on a post.

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