Love of Life

Your clouds stand at attention, with great pride, manning the gates of the vast horizon.

Your waters sparkle and move, yet are remarkably silent. There silence is rich and vivid, yet still and humbling.

Your eagles stand alone, each one as a spirit of what might be, a spirit of what is, and a guardian of the moment.

Your air is so rich I can taste it and its taste fills me.

Your harvest, the wheat and barley, the grapes and olives, stand quietly – seeing it all, as part of it all.

Small birds charge across your vistas, powerful and determined in their purpose and direction. More birds – large and small – fly as a group and fly as one.

Your skies smile warmly, offering layers of great insight wrapped in remarkable beauty.

The color of your endless seas touches the color of your vast horizon, creating new color; becoming hues of blue and hues of pink.

Your greatest creation – man and woman – sit humbled, inspired, challenged to turn the moment into a forever memory.

You caution them: The picture of this moment will dim but in fact can burn brighter if you live the moment; moment after moment.

Your message to them: Fly low to the ground yet touch the outermost horizon!

Your mandate: Live in this world of the clouds and the waters, the eagles and the air, the harvest, the birds and the skies – and the color touching color to create new color. Grab hold of the heavens, revel in the silence, feel the spirit of the past, present, and future in each moment, taste the air and allow it to flow through you.

And as you follow those who fly, smile back at the skies, soaking in their remarkable beauty.

Dear life, You have empowered us!

We will fly low to the ground yet touch the outermost horizon.


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