Attracting Your Extraordinary Love

The following is a review of “Attracting Your Extraordinary Love”, by contributing blogger, Lee Tawil

Attracting Your Extraordinary Love, an intimate, uplifting work about knowing who you are and finding a love that will fulfill you. In the book, author Ricky Cohen, suggests that love – true love – is the fiber of life. This wonderful book empowers you with the understanding that your ability to find your love mate exists within you. Whether you are currently single or in a relationship, this revolutionary book provides you with tools to find and keep your special someone.

A note from the author:

I am so happy to be able to share this book with you. If you have the courage to see all that may be seen, to reach for all that may be distant but within view, to believe in and work hard for what you know life promises you, Attracting Your Extraordinary Love will be an irreplaceable partner for you. This book is not for everyone; it is for those who believe that what can be, should be. Specifically, Attracting Your Extraordinary Love is for those who believe that there exists an extraordinary person who will offer you an extraordinary love, with which the two of you will build a most extraordinary life.

About the book:

Attracting Your Extraordinary Love is one of those books you come across that truly makes you stop and think as you read it. The messages that are spoken about in the book are so hard-hitting and powerful, especially if you put your full concentration and attention on interpreting the real meaning behind the words. It is clear that the author has a ton of knowledge and wisdom about life and relationships, and if the reader wants to make a positive change in his or her love life – whether or not they are already in
a relationship – this book can definitely help them do that.

A book like this is not something you just read once and leave on your bookshelf to collect dust. It is a guide for living your life in a purer and clearer way, and it is something that can help you learn each and every day. By continuing to read this book as you progress through your life and your relationships, you will see that the messages are dead-on accurate, and they can be applied to your daily life right away. Sure it’s going to take time to master the skills that you learn, but each day of implementation is progress
towards a happier and more fulfilling life, especially in regards to the relationships you have.

One quote that really stuck out for me was “Love him or her for how each can love you, rather than how you would like to be loved.” Reading this helped me see that it is in our power to correct our relationships by improving on ourselves instead of hoping that our partners will change. This quote helped me tremendously in my relationship, as I have shifted my focus on ways I can change to adapt to the way my partner already is.

When you read this book, a lot of the clutter that fills your day-to-day life suddenly begins to vanish because you begin to realize the root of the issues in your life. If you’re looking for a book that can help you grow and improve your relationships with others, while also eliminating all of the problems and nonsense in your life, then this book is a must-read for you.

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