Raise Your Glass

Dear friends,

During the Seders we raised our glasses 4 times to celebrate and bring a renewed awareness to Hashem’s relationship with us, His kindness in our redemption, and our commitment to Him and our Torah, forever. That celebration and renewed awareness helped frame our Pesach inspired freedom and our love for Him. Raising our glasses is an act we cherish and look forward to each year.

I would like to propose we raise our glasses again, tonight or on the second half of the holiday, to celebrate and establish a renewed awareness towards the other essential component in our lives: the people we love and cherish.

I suggest we again raise our glasses 4 times. This time, we can drink wine, juice or water ─ and with each glass we should celebrate love, middiot (character traits), sacrifice, family and friends.

Raise the first glass to celebrate your children’s love for each other.

Raise your glass the second time to remind yourself, and all of your family members, about the creativity and beautiful middot (character traits) each of your children possess.

Raise your glass a third time to celebrate your wife’s sacrifice and the way she makes the holiday beautiful. Whether away, or at home, our wives carry the burden of insuring that our holidays are memorable and special.

Raise your glass a fourth time to celebrate parents, other family members and friends who make the holidays and your Shabbatot cherished.

As with most things, the success is in the details!

Try to be as specific as possible as you describe the outstanding qualities of each child, your wife’s hard work, and how dear each family member or friend is to you. Raise your glass – appreciate and celebrate!

Shabbat Shalom,



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